Integrate product data into your Prestashop from barcode


Two method to integrate Katalog power into Prestashop.

Using Prestashop Admin Product Page & Katalog Chrome extension

Mandatory needs : Use Chrome to install Katalog Chrome Extension.

Step 1 : Install Katalog Chrome extension

Click here to get the Katalog Chrome Extension

Step 2: Configure & Get your APIKey into your Katalog account settings

Step 3: Open a Chrome tab to create a new product into your Prestashop Admin webpage

Step 4: Click on Katalog Extension Logo and follow instructions.

Step 5: Create a domain configuration for your Prestashop admin.

Each time you will come to this domain Katalog extension will recognize and use the same mapper to inject data.

Using Prestashop API and Katalog API endpoints.

The Katalog x Prestashop module is not available yet but you can already use APIs to automate product creation.

Using Zapier

Using ex-Integromat

Using N8N

integration connect

integration support