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"Product data is not always accessible 😩" is here to help every dataconsumer. collects data through the world to compile, calculate, enrich and distribute product datasets.

An awesome tool ! 🛠

The first tool for product information crowdsourcing. 

Our mission is to help every actor of product distribution, from manufacturer to retailer to improve final consumer information and service.

for eCommerce 📦

The next step to improve your catalog creation and completeness.
A (must have) tool to automatically create your online catalog.
Prepare to have your life changed.

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for Retail 🛍

You have a lot of products and you offer them a life in your physical store? helps you start their digital life.
A genuine revolution for your business.

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for Brands 🥾

Maximize control over your brand identity.
Our services prevent quality loss and allow you to broadcast your material.
Make sure you deliver the best information to your distributors and the best product experience to your customers.

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Where does the data come from ? manages a huge number of datasources and the team works hard to implement new ones.  

Here are a few examples of the sources we handle:

🛰 navigates through the web to get product datas

🏢   manufacturers, suppliers and brands

📚   product databases (open data, professional databases)

🤖   user data. completes and improves those sources with strong algorithms to calculate and generate new product data, thus offering trustworthy and thorough material.

What we are focused on ? 

Katalog team is working hard to deliver a game changing tool for data consumer and catalog management.

By creating we are fully committed to: Providing the most efficient and usable product information, offering to all an easy way to work with product data, refocusing the debate on what products are… and not who is buying it.

🎖 Top reliability oriented includes a reliability rating to optimize the dataset rendering.

🎯 Data as North Star

Getting data and integrating it easily: the next challenge to grow your business

⚙️ Automatic process

Our tool works to improve its efficiency every day to automatically increase your value in catalog management