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Katalog is the real-time product information provider you've been looking for. Post EAN/UPC and Get a nice and complete product sheet.
API & App available now to simplify your goods go to market.

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Create product start & Acquire product Data from barcode -
Basic Information on product collected from barcode by

More than 500m products
already requested.

Trusted by retails, eshops and brands.


What is it

You manage product ?  Awesome tool for you!

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Lot of products into your store ?
Build a retail product database to exploit them in the best way
A genuine revolution for your business.

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Improve your catalog creation and completeness. A (must have) tool to automatically create your online catalog.
Prepare to have your life changed.

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Maximize control over your brand identity.
Our services allow you to broadcast your material and get feedback on their usage.


A robust set of features

We are building a strong but easy solution for retail and ecommerce business. New features are permanently implemented.

Product details acquisition and syndications to generate product page

Live product data acquisition

Bots collects instantly datas for requested GTIN. Searching through the web and multiples sources and bring it back to you.

Barcode Scanner available to create product into your new Product information manager :

Barcode Scanner Mode

Designed for both in-store and office teams, create your product database right off the shelf using the built-in barcode scanner.

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Create products database from inventory

Bulk product submission offers abilities to create smart product database with only gtin list.

Organise your catalog in multiple category tree to enhance your catalog management

Manage catalogs, categories or not.

Organize your product list with categories to optimize import and language management.

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Import your own files and enhance it with AI and bots.

Supporting your external filetype (csv, xls... ), datas are mapped and files upgraded with datas collected.
More informations, pictures, descriptions, characs ...

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Spread product's contents directly into your current tools and stay focused on managing your business.

We make it easy to create perfect product pages to sell more

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Automate product content acquisition with EAN or UPC

Unknown product ? Our bots navigates on demand trough the web to compile a product sheet.

Marketing -

AI boost mapping of each information

Right data to the right place. Katalog already met millions of product, and permanently train model to automate data management.
It's not magic, it's tech.

Product Description acquire and generated by The easiest way to build your online catalogProduct images collected through with the product barcode as single input.
For each topic, syndicate product details from multiple source and manage it as you want to build the best product page.

Mix custom and public product content to create your own product description.

Combine as you want datas from multiple sources. Mix your own informations and data bots provides to build the best product experience on your website.

Average increase of content completion
Increase of product content creation.
For teams

Designed for teams of all sorts and sizes

Business -

Marketing Teams

Manage different datasources to build the best product experience. Customise content and focus your time on difference, not on common content.
Power of tech is in your hands

all teams can interact with product information, from basic information to advance marketing speeches.
Development -

Engineering teams API's are built to easily play with product datas. Our documentation center and support teams will help technicals teams to integrate Katalog solutions. Product barcode API's is the best to interact and collect products datas. GTIN, EAN, UPC are usable with our API
Product Category managers can easily use to manage their own category and complete product information to enhance ecommerce conversion

Category Teams

Manage a huge volume of product datas easily to operate ecommerce on the best way.
Syndicate content from multiple sources to give you offer optimized go-to-market.

Organize your catalog as you want to focus on what has to be improved

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes and No,
More than a free trial, we offer a free plan to discover our solution and start your product database right now.

How do I create an account?

You just have to click on get started and you will be redirected to our platform. 
To create account and start the experience, do credit card needed.

Do you offer team accounts?

Not yet, but it will come very soon to offer collaborative experience on the platform.

Where does the datas come from? manages a huge number of datasources and the team works permanently hard to implement new ones.  
We complete and improve those sources with strong algorithms to calculate and generate new product datas, thus offering trustworthy and thorough materials.

How does work?

We build a strong solution to offer a quite easy platform to manage and acquire product datas. Our tech team is permanently working to optimise your experience.
Give us feedbacks.

How to get full experience of

Create an account and do not hesitate
to contact us to book a full demo of our tool.
Keep in touch with us to get new features

Is this tool GDPR compliant?

For sure.
We are fully focused on product datas, not on people who deal with it.

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