We constantly improve our tools with extraordinary features to guarantee the best experience with product datas.

Acquisition & Syndication

All-in-one platform to (easily) acquire and syndicate product information.

Simplify the way you deal with product datas.
With existing product datasheet or only GTIN list you will create your smart product database in a blink of an eye.

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Live product data Acquisition

Our bots can acquire live product data and automate product content acquisition with the help of EAN or UPC. They are able to search through the web and multiple sources to bring you information about the requested GTIN, and can even compile a product sheet for unknown items.

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EAN-UPC to database

Katalog.world solutions include Barcode Scanner Mode which is built for team use both in-store and in the office. This offers you the possibility to easily create your product database right off the shelf. Furthermore, Bulk Product Submission allows you to create a smart products database from an inventory list of GTINs.

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Product datas enhancement

We allow you to import your own files and enhance it with AI and bots. Supporting a variety of external file types, such as csv and xlsx, our tool will map and upgrade the files with the data collected. This includes a range of data enrichment, such as adding more pictures, improving product descriptions and characteristics, and guaranteeing the same level of content quality for all products.

Customisation & Management

It's your database.
You can organize it or not, or let our tools do it for you.

Customise and organise product and their datas as you wish to fill your requirements. It's very simple.

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Manage catalogs, categories ...

Our platform let you organise product, into categories, catalogs or in a mass. For each product, select your preferred data sources and define your own rules to improve product sheet completion.

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AI product content improvement

Our solution uses AI to improve product content, providing reliable data and personalizing options to allow for a custom finished product. 

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Copywriting is not dead.

Manual content editing is also possible in order to adapt our suggestions to your specific requirements.

Integrations & Distribution

Native integrations with all your favorite tools

We are fully focused to help retail, ecommerce and
people who deal with product informations.
Our modules and chrome extension offers seamless
product integration into your daily tools.
For advanced users our API's are open to spread
product datas where you need it.

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20+ integrations

We constantly work with the entire ecosystem to offer to Katalog users the most simple experience with product data.

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Seamless data sync

Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, ERP's ... synchronize your product data without any trouble. And it's permanently evolving.

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Platform & API's

You can chose your favorite channel to use Katalog's tools. 
We build App, extensions and strong APIs to let you interact with our technology.

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