What is product data syndication (PDS)?

Product Data Syndication defintion

What is product data syndication (PDS)?

Product Data Syndication (PDS) definition:

Product data syndication refers to the process of distributing and sharing product information across various platforms, channels, and partners in a consistent and controlled manner.

This process ensures that accurate and up-to-date product details are available to customers, regardless of where they encounter a product—be it on e-commerce websites, online marketplaces, digital catalogs, or social media platforms.

What to syndicate?

The key components of product data that are typically syndicated include:

  • Product Descriptions: Detailed and concise descriptions of products, including their features, benefits, and usage.
  • Product Images and Videos: High-quality visuals that showcase the product from various angles, along with videos demonstrating the product in action.
  • Specifications: Technical and physical details of the product, such as dimensions, weight, materials, and technical specifications.
  • Pricing Information: Current prices, discounts, and promotions related to the product.
  • Availability: Stock levels and availability status to inform customers about the potential delivery timelines.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Customer feedback, ratings, and reviews that help in building trust and influencing buying decisions.

Why should you use product data syndication?

The goal of product data syndication is to provide a seamless and consistent shopping experience for consumers, help businesses expand their reach, improve the accuracy of product information across platforms, and ultimately drive sales. This process often involves using specialized software or services, like the Katalog.world App, that automate the collect, distribution and update of product information, ensuring that changes made in one place are reflected across all channels efficiently.

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What is product data syndication (PDS)?