Automate the creation of your products sheets

From GTIN list to product data acquisition
& publication on your website

From supplier barcode, Katalog.world automatically collects product informations, compile it and enhance it to render efficient product sheets into your prefered format.
Build to save time for teams who create products into your database, Katalog.world optimize product information acquisition and rendering to reduce time spending into low valuable action. If your product sheet are not complete you won't be able to sell it and generate profit on it.

Thanks to very strong datasources and tools, Katalog.world deliver product information directly into your website.

You can import products easily into your Magento, Shopify, Prestashop thanks to Katalog.world export profiles.

Use our API's to directly get product informations from a GTIN.Acquire product information in batch and let Katalog.world fill your matrice template.

More than a data mapper, Katalog.world can manage multiple sources of product information.

Directly enrich/modify product sheets on the Katalog interface app and spread/distribute it to your preferred support. If you have multiple suppliers with multiple data sheet formats, and the information level is not the same from one supplier to another… Only one tools to manage all that product information.

Enhance your catalog creation and completion

With Katalog.world, you can also improve your actual catalog completion and reliability.

The tool can easily collect and add more content to your product sheet. From one to multiple images, or from weak description to more detailed information.

Katalog.world can also offer you multiple versions of one description to let you decide which one is the best for your customers.

🫶 Start your best product/catalog management experience now !