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You have a lot of products and you offer them a place in your shop. Katalog.world helps you improve their online & offline life. From their barcodes, Katalog.world will build your complete catalog. You will be able to relay it any place you see fit (POS, print, leaflet, your website, local marketplace…).

Katalog.world collects product information from your suppliers and all over the web to delete the pain point of registering.

Features and benefits

  • Spread your product's best information to the world.
  • Manage languages, information versioning and so much more.
  • Monitor your product data.
  • Many other features coming soon.

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Why should I use Katalog.world?

When selling products to resellers, brands / suppliers often have to provide product data to help with product sales and management (dies, product sheets, images, etc.).

In these cases, resellers have several options for identifying new products in their management or sales tools:

  • request long and complex import matrices from the supplier;
  • require access to databases or other media centers to be able to copy and paste data from one system to another;
  • copy PDF catalogs or spreadsheets to create product sheets;
  • re-enter paper catalogs;
  • copy other reseller sites to acquire product data easily when it is difficult to access.

This re-entry work is extremely tedious and costly for the entire chain, with a consequent risk of loss of information quality, or data corruption – not to mention the required time, which can seriously delay your sales and therefore have a direct impact on the sell out rate.

Created by independent retailers, the main mission of Katalog.world is therefore unique and simple: from a GTIN (EAN or UPC) to a third party, transmit as quickly as possible the most reliable product information available and format it for a rapid and personalized use.

The promise is to create product sheets using our algorithms to reduce the time needed to re-enter content, which is a brake on commerce.

For a brand, using Katalog.world to spread product data ensures that information is accessible by all of its contacts, with no loss of data, nor friction in their consumption. And guarantee, of course, that the right product information will end up in the right place.

It’s also a certainty that, when a reseller uses Katalog.world, the data sent by the algorithm matches with what the brand expects.

How do the algorithms work if the official brand data has not been distributed to Katalog.world?

NB: Katalog.world does not sell data. It is a tool for collecting, researching, compiling and formatting data to meet a need expressed by the user (professional or not).
It is the first product data crowdsourcing tool.

In the event of a request by a retailer on an unknown GTIN (when the brand does not yet collaborate with Katalog.world), the algorithms will try to collect data to respond to the request.

Katalog.world then scours the web to find the data and aggregate different sources to meet its mission.
=> Generate a product sheet.

It is therefore possible that the algorithms collect incomplete or unreliable information.
The user is made aware of the relative reliability thanks to a score assigned to each piece of data by Katalog.world.
In any case, the user will be the only decision maker whether or not to use the data for his catalog.

I already have a product information management process.

Your company is already working with a PIM or a DAM (Product Information Manager – Digital Asset Manager)? Not a problem. You will be able to broadcast your catalog directly to Katalog.world.

Katalog.world deals with a different aspect of your catalogue as it focuses on front product information.

If you work with some tools like PIM you can use Katalog.world as a diffusion channel in collaboration with your actual system.

I don’t have a product information management tool but I want to spread product data

Our team can easily help you spread your product data.

Just give us a shout and you will discover a very simple solution to manage product information.