🪄 Solution for product information user

Katalog.world could be your product information management tool or could be a simply tool into your global product data information lifecycle. It could be the start, the end or just a completion tool ( a new source).

🔗 Katalog.world has been designed to interact with as many interfaces as possible.

Whether you are a brand, a reseller, a software publisher, Katalog.world will surely be useful to you.Through our API, our connectors or our interface, access to the product data on demand.
You can edit the data that is proposed to you to make it your own.Thanks to its algorithms katalog.world is improving every day to better understand the product data to be able to restore it in the format that will suit you best.This is why katalog.world is able to deduce from a raw data the category, the filters etc. to save your time.

📦 As an eCommerce: you will save time in the creation and referencing of your products.

Fully integrated with Magento, Prestashop, Shopify and many others, you will only have to submit a GTIN to collect product data via Katalog.world.
And thanks to content custom version you can easily integrate what you choose to use in your favorite ecommerce tools.
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💈 For retail, if your products are equipped with GTIN, Katalog.world can be the starting point of your online adventure.

It becomes very easy to build up your computerized product catalogue. This is the biggest barrier to entry for starting an online business or even just setting up a management tool.
Your product database is the basis for your invoices, your orders, your stock management… and so more!
Tomorrow, if you want to distribute your catalogue on your ecommerce site, on a local marketplace or not, nothing will be easier.With Katalog.world, You will have a well-ordered and up-to-date catalogue.
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🎙 For brands and importers, Katalog.world is the best way to distribute your real product data.

Don’t take the risk that the wrong data arrives at the wrong place. A clear description, quality pictures will give your consumers a great product experience.
At Katalog.world we place a lot of importance on your marketing pitch and thanks to the reliability ratings on the data we assign, we put your data first as we normally consider it more qualitative.
On the other hand thanks to the diffusion of your product catalogues via Katalog.world you allow all your network to benefit from the same quality data in an equitable way whatever the means of the customer structure.
This has a very beneficial effect on the reduction of the famous “time to market”.
The contribution of the brands to Katalog.world is accompanied by many benefits for themselves, an acceleration of the sales and thus of the stock rotations and the maintenance of a balance between the various sales channels.
Omnichannel is only possible if the different channels are treated in the same way, despite the atomicity of a market
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🛠 For software publishers, Katalog.world is one more tool in the toolbox.

You won’t need to export your customers’ catalog to access data anymore, Katalog.world will serve you on demand the right refined data, thanks to our API and our connectors you will be able to deliver a quality service without needing to over-solicit your customers or their machines (export, batch, …)
Thanks to these algorithms, Katalog.world goes much further than a simple product sheet and allows you to open an incredible field of possibilities.
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