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Thanks to Katalog.world service's you will be able to monetize your existing product catalog.
It's the only tool that offer a reusability of the past work.

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💰 Why should you monetize your product catalog?

Your product catalog could become a new asset for your company and it will change lot of things for your business whatever your size or your environment.
Generally when you create product into your database it costs time, ressources and so more... Before Katalog.world, this cost spending was not reusable.
From now, your product catalog will generate incomes for your company and help your growth.

🗂 Why should you share your product catalog/datas?

Today, you already spread your product data to all the web without earning anything.
By sharing your product catalog to google shopping, google use your data
By presenting your product data to the web your competitor can access to it without upgrading your business.

Now, if you share your product catalog to Katalog, The uses of datas from your catalog will generate an abilities to upgrade your business.

If you are a brand, you will save time and guarantee the reliability of the product information,

If you are a major of ecommerce like a marketplace, your catalog sharing will help retail to grow the global online product offer, and potentially your product offer. Business is not only competition, it's also ecosystem's synergy.

If you are a content creator the Katalog.world platform is an incredible way to generate value with your content. As an example if you create a product demonstration video or product tutorials, member of the Katalog.world will use it to upgrade their Katalog.world. You will receive credits for that.

⚙️ How it works?

🫶 Start your best product/catalog management experience now !

You upload your product catalog on the Katalog.world platform (feed, files, ...) and you open it for sharing with other users.
Each time your product content is used you will earn usable credits.
Credit rate will depend of the rarity of the content, your legitimity and so more aspects.

⛓ How my product datas are selected to be pushed to other user ?

If a GTIN known into your shared catalog is requested by another user, your product datas are evaluated by the Katalog algorithm and challenged by the other product datas.
The most relevant datas will be pushed to the user.
At the end, if the final user chose your product data your account is credited