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How it works

How does it work?


Product data is not always accessible, so Katalog.world is here to help every dataconsumer. Katalog.world collects data through the world to compile, calculate and enrich product datasets.

How do I use Katalog.world?


Go to this page

This simple tool will forever be free.


Type your GTIN in the search box
Our tool crawls the available databases to get precise information and organizes it to generate the most complete and reliable dataset.


Adjust the product page
You can chose the source for each field by using the switch if enabled. You can also enter your own information to create your custom product dataset.


Export the product page
Chose your format - spreadsheet or pdf - and download the dataset to use it as you please.

Where does the data come from?

Katalog.world manages a number of datasources and the team works hard to implement new ones. Here are a few examples of the sources we handle:

  • websourcing : Katalog.world navigates through the web to get product data;
  • manufacturers, suppliers and brands;
  • product databases (open data, professional databases);
  • user data.

Katalog.world completes and improves those sources with strong algorithms to calculate and generate new product data, thus offering trustworthy and thorough material.

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